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Natural Photography Services Offered -No studio, no posing, capturing life as it happens.

Community Events
From charity events to community celebrations, I'm there to document the experience of what it was to be a part of it, to capture the beauty of all the moments and the ambiance of the event from beginning to end.

End of Life / Special Moments
From births to end of life, any special life occasions where I help my clients capture the subtle to extraordinary in our daily lives, the moments and experiences that are often deeply beautiful, poignant and meaningful, but hard to capture. I specialise in non-portraiture style of photography, I observe and empathize and follow my heart to capture the important life experiences as it happens, documenting the beautiful moments of love, sorrow, and all the human emotions in between it. 

From low-key portraitures in settings that resonates with the client or subject. Daily life, snippets of life.

Casual editorial style making food accessible and beautiful.

Nature & Wildlife Art Photography



"Thanks so much Kai!

Beautiful work as always. We really appreciate your care to capture the night perfectly."

Lana Brandt - Event Planner
Plant-It Green Events & Weddings

"Beautiful pics! Thanks again for another great year of RIPE documentation!"

Jen Candela - Communications Manager
Vancouver Farmers Markets