Onelushlife | Peer Support

So what is peer support? It can encompass many things, most importantly, a person who has exceptional empathy and life experience supports another through a difficult situation in life through a coaching sessions or two, to listen and help them find clarity amongst the chaos of thoughts and feelings, and move forward. Sometimes it's hard to find a friend who might understand what you are going through, or you don't know how to talk about it, you might be like many who overthinks and don't know how to end that cycle. We all can be self defeating in how we block ourselves through repetitive thought and feelings that we hold onto, we're gripping onto the old stories of who we think we are, instead of embracing who we might become and really are.

When listening to people open up and talk, I can facilitate revelations about patterns or habits I observe, and offer a shift in perspectives that may help. Often it's a seed I plant with my client, the nugget of insight or information then settles in and if nurtured by the client, becomes a ripple effect in their daily life interactions. You know what they say, once small drop of water can cause a large ripple affect. The exciting thing is, how much change is up to each person. I believe that sometimes, all it takes is one small shift in perspective, and the amplitude of the change is limitless. I've had folks reach out 6 months after to let me know just how much the one session affected them positively, and they can see it's for a lifetime. So amazing and humbling to hear.

I help people talk it through when they seem to feel or be stuck in a phase in life, or for those facing a daunting overwhelming experience, such as becoming a caregiver to an aging parent. I've been through it and have learned so much on how to best cope and process emotionally and mentally, and nurture good health. Caring for a loved one, esp. a parent is a very hard task, emotions get complicated and can pull you in many directions... fear, guilt, anxiety, sadness can overwhelm us, while we are trying very hard to provide loving presence to our loved ones. I have the unique experience of caring and advocating for my late father, who had early onset dementia, Alzheimers, and congenital heart failure which lead to a lot of tough moments for both he and I. Then there is also dealing with familial and societal pressures. 

I specialize helping people to transition from being the kids to being the parent to your parents, by facilitating the shifting of your perspective for acceptance of the emotional situation, and finding love and gratitude in it all. Of course it's up to you ultimately, but you'll have a loving and supportive coach who wishes to ease your situation through discerning thoughts and emotions.